Before The ShowEdit

Doha proves to be quite well-known, even before he casted for survival show "Boys24." As he had stated in Episode 1, he had worked multiple jobs to afford and pay for singing lessons, to carry the burden from his parent's shoulders onto his own. The boy had previously attended famous music schools such as Havy Music Academy and Def Dance School, and had even auditioned for an array of different companies. He occasionally posted covers on his Soundcloud account, slowly gaining mild popularity through SNS alone. He was only halfway there to achieving his dreams.

During The ShowEdit

Doha's first performance-based appearance in the show occurred during Episode 2 as the last boy to perform from all forty-nine. He performed the song "I'm Touched By You" by Sung Si Kyung, which earned his much praise from the masters. All together, the judges gave him a total of 81 points which raised him TOP2 out of the TOP7. He went on to lead Unit White, attending to many hardships throughout the show, just like any other boy did. He was chosen to represent his unit during Episode 7 for vocals and earn extra points for the finale, he did not win. With many ups and downs, Doha had lead his team to be part of the final 28.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Doha is the oldest member out of the whole show.
  • Doha is a very happy and content person, he seems to be always smiling. He is even unable to control his laughter while looking upon other members.
  • He is considered to be the father of Boys24, both caring and looking after all the younger members.
  • Teaser photos released before the show began described him to be a handsome man with honey vocals and great dancing ability.
  • He is also very active when it comes to cooking, and often cooks for the other boys.
  • Doha's best friends in the show include members Youngdoo and Yeontae, all of which were born in the same year.
  • Doha can beat a good amount of the other boys in a game of arm wrestling.
  • Undoubtedly, ever since the beginning of the show, Doha has collected a great number of fangirls/stans.
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